We Live Carnival has been a growing band with many accomplishments over the past year. Founded in 2017 by Jermaine Songui as a premiere Caribbean diaspora platform, We Live Carnival celebrates all aspects of Caribbean culture with a particular focus on masquerade, parades, and street festivals. In such a short time, the band has had the opportunity to participate in so many different Carnivals located in cities such as Miami, Atlanta and Nashville. It also had the opportunity to perform at many other local events. As a growing brand, we continue to develop each day through the push and support from our dedicated team and supporters. Located in Brooklyn, New York, We Live Carnival is fortunate enough to be in the heart of a city with such a cultural blend like no other. We believe in giving back to the community that inspired many of our ideas and costume designs as well as showing our appreciation to those that trusted us to provide the ultimate Carnival experience. Our mission is to change the way carnival is experienced and share that wonderful experience with the world! Our Responsibility is to teach the younger generation about the history of Masquerade and to help spread the Caribbean Culture.


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